Getting a Root Canal? Here’s What a Chicago Dentist Wants You to Know

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Dental Care

Root canals in Chicago are among the more misunderstood dental procedures, and people feel more intimidated by the procedure than extractions. Here’s what a dentist wants you to know about root canals.

Why Root Canals are Necessary

Your dentist has found signs that your tooth has an infection or is damaged in some way. The goal behind a root canal in Chicago procedure is to save the tooth and avoid extraction. If you don’t have a root canal, the infection will spread into the jaw bone, and you may lose the neighboring teeth.

How a Root Canal is Performed

A root canal involves drilling a hole into the center of your tooth on the chewing side. This is the part of the procedure that most intimidates people, but your mouth is numb, so you should be able to relax. Once the dentist drills the hole, the interior pulp and nerve of the tooth are removed. The hole is them filled with a material.

What to Expect After the Root Canal

The root canal procedure doesn’t hurt, but you may have some discomfort after the root canal. Your dentist may prescribe mild pain medications, and you should take them even if you don’t have discomfort. You may also have some swelling in your cheeks near the site of your root canal.

Where to Find a Dentist for Root Canals in Chicago

South Loop Dental Specialists offers periodontal and endodontic dental procedures. Call them today to schedule an appointment or visit their website.

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