Get Implants in Summit NJ To Replace Missing Teeth

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Dentistry

No one is happy about getting teeth pulled and lived with the space in their line-up of teeth. Missing teeth make it harder to chew food and cause people to avoid some foods altogether. Gaps in a person’s smile are not attractive and can cause self-esteem issues. But, one or two missing teeth are not a reason to get false teeth and are not always amenable to dental bridges. A new solution is to have the family dentist or an oral surgery clinic such as Westfield Oral Surgery, install dental Implants in Summit NJ.

Dental Care

Ideally, every person should have regular dental checkups and care. Cavities caught early can be filled, and the tooth saved. But, not everyone is able or willing to go to the dental clinic for yearly check-ups and care. When teeth are neglected, they are vulnerable to decay and dental diseases. Also, teeth can get damaged or knocked out of the mouth during fights or accidents. Sometimes the teeth can be re-attached, sometimes they can not. When a tooth needs to be removed or is lost, a gap in the line of teeth results. People with limited funds and no dental insurance may feel they have to live with one or more gaps in their teeth.

Getting regular dental care can eliminate the problem of missing teeth, for the most part, but some teeth will be lost during a long life no matter what. Rather than living with missing teeth, a person can choose to ask for Dental Implants in Summit NJ. But, dental implants involve more than just inserting a new tooth in the space. Implants must be done correctly by highly skilled dental professionals.


A dental implant is a carefully constructed replacement tooth that is implanted into the space permanently. First, the jaw bone must be tested to see if it can hold the dental anchor that will be inserted into it much like a screw. Once the jaw is prepared, the metal anchor is installed. The replacement tooth is prepared, and at the right time it is placed over the anchor and held in place by special adhesive or other means. When done correctly, this tooth implant will act and feel like a real tooth. For more information on dental care, go to the website.

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