FAQs About Teeth Whitening In Wyomissing, PA

In Pennsylvania, dental professionals manage cosmetic services that enhance the way the smile looks. These services can eliminate stains and discoloration quickly. However, the patient may require multiple treatments to achieve the maximum results. Smoking and consumption of red wine can cause more permanent stains. A local dentist provides answers to frequently asked questions about Teeth Whitening in Wyomissing PA for patients with stains.

Are the Treatments Safe for Teens?

Yes, the teeth whitening treatments are safe for teenagers as long as the teen doesn’t have any sensitivities to peroxide products. The dentist must complete a full assessment of the patient’s teeth before the dentist performs the treatment. The dentist cannot perform the services if the teen has any existing damage, as this could damage the teeth and cause serious discomfort.

Why Do Dentists Set Up a Barrier on the Gums?

The treatments involve the use of professional-grade peroxide gel. The barrier is necessary to protect the gums as the gel could cause damage or bleeding. The dentist places the barrier around the gums before they start the treatment and ensure that it is secure.

Why Do Dentists Use an Ultraviolet Lamp?

The lamp helps the peroxide treatment break down severe stains and maximize the whitening effects. The lamp applies heat to the teeth and activates the peroxide solution. The dentist will only apply the lamp for a limited amount of time.

How Long Do the Treatments Last?

The dentist can complete the teeth whitening treatment in under an hour. The peroxide solution is applied to the teeth individually, and the lamp is then used to enhance the effects. The effects of the treatments can last up to a month, and the dentist provides at-home treatments to maintain these effects for a longer duration.

In Pennsylvania, dental professionals manage cosmetic treatments for local patients. The cosmetic services include teeth whitening treatments that eliminate stains and discoloration. The treatment could eliminate the effects of smoking and medications that can produce stains. Patients who want to schedule Teeth Whitening in Wyomissing PA can contact a dentist directly or visit website for more information now.

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