Eliminate Serious Cavities and Potential Causes of Infection USing a Root Canal Treatment in Wichita KS

A toothache can be a very exasperating situation, and part of the problem is the chance of infection that occurs as the decay progresses. The longer this happens, the more likely the chance that the cavity will require Root Canal Treatment in Wichita KS. That is, the dentin of the tooth has decayed to the point that the root pulp is exposed and needs to be removed to avoid future problems. This also exposes the blood supply and gum tissue to these germs. In fact, most patients find that an infection makes the pain more difficult to deal with. The solution is a regimen of antibiotics and a little time. This step is required because any intensive work could make an existing infection get stronger or spread beyond the mouth.

The Root Canal Treatment in Wichita KS can be very difficult to endure. To alleviate this concern, most dental offices have a variety of pain control methods. The most common is the Novocaine used to numb the mouth. Unfortunately, this may not be enough when the dentist is digging around in a seriously damaged tooth. The next option is nitrous oxide or laughing gas that relaxes the patient a bit at a time. The downside to nitrous-oxide is the continual need to supply the gas while performing procedures on the patient. It may also be necessary to adjust the dosage when the patient has problems. For those patients that have issues with the dentist, there are options such as sedation dentistry. This may be a pill that relaxes the patient or an injection or IV (Intravenous) solution that puts them close to sleep.

Once the root canal is finished, the dentist will need to cover the tooth. During the repair, the cap or crown may be made from steel since the protection is temporary, but final replacements tend to be porcelain because this material provides a strong, durable cover. If extracting the original tooth and removing the pulp before installing a crown seems like more trouble and pain than it is worth, it may be possible to choose an alternative procedure known as dental implants. This procedure is still painful, and it will require an extraction, but the tooth is replaced with a strong anchor and covered with a tooth shaped porcelain crown. Please click here to get more info on root canals or other advanced dental procedures.

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