Ease Your Dentist Visit with One Day Crowns in Augusta GA

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Dental Care

It is never fun or easy when a sudden dental emergency catches you by surprise, and a trip to the dentist can be a stressful event even on the best of days. Still, it is important to know what situation you can find yourself in beforehand in order to best react to an emergency. In any health emergency, such as a sudden broken ankle or work injury, knowledge can save you from longer recovery times and higher treatment costs. For a sudden cracked tooth, lost filling, or broken crown, One Day Crowns in Augusta GA area are available from Dr. Timmerman at Augusta Dental Arts. It is imperative that you keep these emergency situations in mind when keeping yourself informed.

Don’t Ignore a Lost Crown or Filling

In the event of a lost crown or filling, a preventative dental material can be purchased from your local pharmacy in order to create a temporary barrier to contaminants until you can reach your dentist. Some dentists offer One Day Crowns, and it is essential that a broken or lost crown be replaced immediately. The tooth that has been suddenly exposed is not protected, and further damage can come about if you are not careful. For any pain involved, take a pain killer and avoid eating or drinking until the lost crown can be replaced by your dentist.

What to Ask Your Dentist Before Receiving a Crown

Ask your dentist to show you why you need a crown and to show you where the damage lies. If it is painful to bite down or chew, there is a high chance that your tooth is cracked. If it is, a crown is the best option for repair, as a cracked tooth will not heal like a cracked bone will. One Day Crowns are available at Augusta Dental Arts, in order to quickly restore your cracked teeth and reduce the length of your pain. Do not let your pain go uneased.

Ask what your options are, but keep in mind that a crown is usually the best choice. In some cases, a filling can be placed instead of a crown. However, a filling does not offer the same level of protection or prevent you from eventually needing a crown anyway. If too large a portion of your tooth needs to be filled, the stress might cause your tooth to break and result in irreparable damage. The money you saved not getting a crown will seem like small change when faced with the new bills of removing or replacing a tooth. Do not wait until your problem is beyond a crown to fix. Call Augusta Dental Arts today or visit our website at https://augustadentalarts.com

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