Denture Repair and Dental Implants Care in Indianapolis

Dentures are delicate structures which much be treated with care and maintained properly. Failure to do so can lead to the dentures chipping or breaking in the areas of the teeth or the pink acrylic that attaches to the gums. In addition, dentures become more susceptible to damage as they get older. Because of this, patients may find themselves in need of denture repair and Dental Implants Indianapolis. Some common denture repairs include denture reline, denture rebase, and denture adjustment.

Denture Reline Repair

If a patient’s denture has begun to feel uncomfortable, then denture relining may be the repair that is needed. Denture relining is a simple process in which the underside of a patient’s denture is reshaped so that it fit’s more comfortably against the patient’s gums. Relines can be classified as either soft or hard. Soft relines are completed using a shaping liquid polymer to add cushion and depth to the denture. Hard relines are similar to soft relines in that they also reshape the underside, but they use a harder material. Both procedures can be done quickly in-office, though the hard reline may be sent out to a lab.

Denture Rebase Repair

Sometimes a simple denture relining is not enough to restore comfort and fit to the patient. In this case, a complete denture rebasing may be required. Denture rebasing is the process by which the entire base of a denture is removed and replaced. This procedure requires a new impression be cast to form the new base, however the same teeth are used.

Denture Adjustment Repair

Sometimes a patient will feel discomfort in one area of the mouth. It is helpful for them to have their dentures adjusted in order to relieve this sore spot. The denture can be examined for irregular areas and surface tags which could be the source of the pain. Once any issues are identified, they can be relieved through filing down or trimming in those areas. Denture adjustments can be followed by a polishing to make the denture smooth and shiny.

Colerain Denture is capable of repairing dentures and providing Dental Implants Care in Fairfield OH. In addition to teeth extraction and new denture production, services are offered for denture reline, denture rebase, and denture adjustment. Dental implants can be put in and repaired as well. Visit website for more information.

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