Dentists in Canyon, Texas Understand the Main Risk Factors for Implant Failure

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Dental Care

The success rate of dental implants now is about 95 percent. Dentists in Canyon Texas understand the risk factors that can lead to implant failure. They do what they can to make sure this risk is minimal when implants are placed, but they don’t have control over how their patients behave afterward.

Daily Oral Hygiene

People can eat any foods they want to when they have dental implants placed using a clinic such as Panhandle Dental. That isn’t necessarily the case with dentures or natural teeth that are in rough condition. As with natural teeth, dental implants should be brushed two or three times a day with a soft-bristled brush. The teeth and implants should also be flossed daily to remove food particles that can become stuck between teeth.

Consequences of Poor Hygiene

Poor oral hygiene can lead to inflammation and bacterial infection of the gum tissue. Inadequate oral hygiene may have been the reason for the natural tooth loss or the need for teeth extraction. Continuing with those bad habits is not acceptable for dental implants either. The rods can come loose or need to be removed if these types of problems develop. Bacterial infection can cause gradual destruction of cartilage and bone under the gum tissue. Patients may never realize they have this infection. The only sign may be frequent bleeding when brushing the teeth or flossing.

Tobacco Use

Dentists in Canyon Texas typically will not recommend implants for patients who have not stopped using tobacco. Smoking and chewing tobacco are major risk factors for implant failures. If patients return to the habit after the procedure is complete, they are compromising the ability of the rod to fully fuse with the jawbone or to stay fused to it. In addition, tobacco use causes deterioration of the bone.

These two factors alone remove most of the risk of implant failure. Patients must be dedicated to doing the minimal amount of daily oral hygiene necessary, which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes in total. Not using tobacco may be harder, as quitting can require substantial willpower, but it’s essential for someone who wants dental implants. Click Here to learn more about a clinic where dental implants are provided.

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