Dental Implants in Lawrence, KS, are the Best Option for Tooth Replacement

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Dentistry

Losing teeth is one of the worst dental problems that people can face. Teeth provide a lot of benefit to people’s lives, so losing them can create many different issues. Tooth loss can make it difficult for people to eat solid foods or pronounce their words correctly. People who have missing teeth also suffer emotionally, as others may judge them by their appearance. Teeth can fall out or get knocked out for a number of reasons, even some that are out of people’s control. Unexpected injuries and accidents are some of the leading causes for lost teeth, aside from poor dental care. To receive help after a tooth is lost, it is best to call a cosmetic dentist immediately. The sooner help is received, the easier it is to repair or replace the tooth.

To replace missing teeth, the best option is getting dental implants in Lawrence KS. While dentures and dental bridges are more traditional options for tooth replacement, they do not have as many benefits as implants. Dentures can only be used for people who are missing more than one adjacent teeth, and bridges require the use of healthy teeth on either side of a missing one. With dental implants, only the area with the missing tooth is affected, and no healthy teeth must be sacrificed to use as an anchor for a bridge. Implants can be used to replacement any number of missing either, even just one.

Implants are also much more comfortable in the mouth than dentures are. They are surgically placed in a person’s gums, so they are not removable and won’t come loose like dentures can. People with implants are able to brush their teeth like normal, and they don’t have to remove their devices for cleaning as with dentures. Also, since they are permanently added to the mouth, there are no issues like sore gums or cuts in the mouth as can happen when wearing dentures. Above all else, Dental Implants in Lawrence KS more closely resemble natural teeth than any other artificial option.

All in all, implants are a much better option for most people than bridges or dentures. They are more comfortable and realistic than other options, and they offer the best long-term experience. Check out website  to learn more about implants as a replacement for missing teeth.

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