Advanced Dental Care for a Healthy Smile for Life with a Qualified South Charlotte Dentist

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Dental, Dentist

Restorative dentistry covers a broad range of procedures. Any oral problem can be corrected by new and improved dental technology with a South Charlotte Dentist. Porcelain onlays are custom designed partial crowns that can’t be told apart from natural tooth enamel. They are made to match the shade of the patient’s teeth. Porcelain onlays is a restorative procedure for fillings that are doing their job anymore. It can be placed over a tooth that’s starting to decay. Teeth in a condition where the greater portion of enamel is still healthy are good for onlays. Less of the tooth enamel is removed so only the damaged area receives the material. This method of restoration for mild damage to enamel can last a lifetime with proper personal oral care.

Decay and fractures can leave teeth vulnerable to more extensive damage with continued exposure to food and bacteria. A problem like that can be eliminated with composite fillings. The damaged part of the tooth is removed for the filling to take its place. Composite fillings are made to match the color of teeth. It’s a preferred choice over silver fillings because it can’t be seen and there’s no concern that there’s mercury in the materials. The procedure is pretty simple and done in one visit. Medicine is used to shield any decay near the nerves. The filling returns the tooth back to its normal shape and is polished down to the surface level of enamel.

Some avoid the dentist for years because they can’t conquer the feeling of anxiety. The state of oral health can be unknown for years. Neglecting professional oral care is a bad choice for oral health, but sedation dentistry can change that. With advancing dental technology, pain during and after dental procedures can’t be compared to the way it was long ago anyway. However, those with an overwhelming feeling of fear have the option to take medication orally or intravenously. A safe and effective drug is used to relax the mind while remaining conscious and aware. Patients stay relaxed and able to follow commands the dentist gives them. It numbs senses that cause anxiety like scents and sounds. Schedule an appointment at Caldwell, Bills & Petrilli Dentistry.

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