Wisdom Teeth Are Best Removed By the Oral Surgeons in Suffolk County, NY

The wisdom teeth are the largest teeth in the mouth, and they are also the last to cut through the gum tissue, typically arriving after the age of seventeen. Often, wisdom teeth become problematic, and individuals end up needing to have them removed by the oral surgeons in Suffolk County, NY. With this information, a person will know what they can expect from this procedure.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Because wisdom teeth are so large, they often have longer and larger roots than other teeth in the mouth. The roots can become entangled with the jawbone, and the teeth can sometimes become impacted. Many people decide to have their wisdom teeth removed even if they are not causing problems. If the pain is occurring or the teeth do not have room, removal is certainly necessary, and a person needs to seek the oral surgeons in Suffolk County, NY.

If all four wisdom teeth are being removed on the same day, the individual will likely be put to sleep with general anesthesia so the procedure is safer and no discomfort or stress is felt. If only one or two teeth are being removed at a time, local anesthesia can be used to prevent any pain.

Because of the sheer size of these teeth, they sometimes are difficult to remove. If the teeth roots run deep, the surgeon may end up needing to dissect the tooth to safely remove it without causing any damage to the surrounding teeth or the jawbone.

After the removal of each wisdom tooth, the dentist will decide if sutures are needed or if the socket opening will properly heal on its own. If sutures are used, they are the type that dissolves over time so the patient will not need to have them removed.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

It is essential a person calls to schedule an appointment with the surgeon if they are experiencing wisdom teeth issues. Call the office of Business Name so they can schedule a consultation appointment right away. They will take care of your teeth and help you through each step in the process.

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