Why Would a Teenager Need Dentures in Shepherdsville KY?

Tooth lose, tooth decay and many oral problems are often associated with older individuals. But there are times when teenagers run into real dental problems that require dentures in Shepherdsville KY. Here are three reasons a younger person may need false teeth as a replacement for their own teeth.

Disease and Decay

One of the most common reasons that any person of any age would need dentures in Shepherdsville KY is gum disease or tooth decay. Sometimes this is the result of a lack in oral health care at home and not seeing a dentist. There are several reasons why the teeth may begin to decay prematurely in teenagers including lack of good nutrition, deeper crevices between teeth, and teeth grinding. In each of these situations, if an extraction is the only answer, many patients turn to dentures. Unfortunately, drug use is another common cause of tooth decay.

Tooth Erosion

Sometimes the outer covering of the teeth, also known as the enamel, can begin to erode. When this happens, the inner portions of the teeth can be exposed, leaving patients in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, when this happens, the entire tooth is at risk. If it cannot be saved, it may be time for dentures. Bulimia, commonly associated with teenagers, is just one of the causes or tooth erosion as the acid continually works to wear away at the enamel.

Injuries or Trauma

Trauma is another cause of tooth loss in kids and teenagers that could require the use of dentures. If a baby tooth is knocked out, parents aren’t as concerned because they know another will grow in its place. However, permanent teeth that are knocked out need to be replaced. If a gap is left in the gums, it could cause the other teeth to shift or create a real problem with it comes to eating or even speaking.

While traditional dentures are an option, kids and teenagers have different choices available to them. If all of the teeth do not need to be replaced, it is possible to add partial dentures. This tends to be easier for teens to take care of and still gives them a smile they can be proud of. Do you or your teenager think that dentures are needed? Contact Hillview Family Dentisty for more information.

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