Why There Is a Demand for Dental Implants in Rock Springs, WY

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Dental

Periodontists in Rock Springs stay busy providing dental implants to patients. The procedure is a popular solution for those with tooth loss. Practices like Rock Springs Periodontics can fit patients with implants that behave like their original teeth. By choosing Dental Implants Rock Springs WY patients also help prevent bone loss. Unlike many other options, they are designed to last for life.

Implants Act Like Natural Teeth

Dental patients with missing teeth often choose implants because they work and feel better than alternatives. For instance, bridges can break when wearers bite down on certain foods. They may also become uncomfortable. When adding Dental Implants Rock Springs WY, periodontists use a process that allows replacements to become part of patients’ jaws. They insert titanium roots that bond to the bone and then attach crowns, dentures, or bridges that fit as securely as real teeth. Patients can eat and chew any foods they want with new teeth that look and act natural.

Implants Help Prevent Bone Loss

Patients who are worried about bone loss also research implants at sites like . Periodontists websites include a “Browse the website” section that makes it easy for visitors to learn about the benefits of implants and then schedule consultations. Many are interested in implants because the bone underneath a missing tooth begins to deteriorate quickly and dentures can make the matter worse. Within one year of extraction, bone mass can be reduced by 25%. If experts add implants within a year of the loss, they can prevent deterioration.

Implants Are for Life

It is common for patients with existing bridges and dentures to opt for implants. Removable and fixed bridges usually last around 10 years and are susceptible to damage. Many patients have them repaired or replaced several times over a lifetime. Implants are considered biocompatible, which means the body will not reject them. The titanium integrates with bone and becomes a powerful tooth.

Dental implants have become popular because they offer a permanent and powerful solution for tooth loss. Implants behave exactly like patients’ natural teeth and allow them to eat anything they want. Implants also prevent the bone loss that is common after a tooth is removed.

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