Why It’s Important To Have A Family Dentist In Oyster Bay, NY

How important is it to have a regular family dentist? A family dentist is an experienced healthcare professional who takes care of oral health, a significant part of overall health. Waiting to visit a Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY until a lingering dental issue has become an emergency is the riskiest and least cost-effective form of dental care.

Why it’s Important to Have a Family Dentist

The focus of a family dentist is primarily in four distinct areas: prevention, early detection, treatments, and education.

  *    Prevention

  *    : Routine cleanings and protective treatments are very important in the prevention of tooth decay for both children and adults. Most dental insurance policies cover dental cleanings because they realize that cleanings are very cost-effective by preventing more expensive dental care. This is just as true for a family as it is for an insurance company.

  *    Early Detection:

  *    Discovering and treating dental issues before they become emergencies is definitely a good idea. Dental x-rays allow a family dentist to detect problems. A family dentist will also watch the development of a child’s teeth and check for oral cancers and other serious mouth issues.

  *    Treatments:

  *    Each member of the family should have an individual dental health plan. A family dentist will offer a variety of treatments, including general and cosmetic dentistry, periodontal and restorative treatments, pediatric dentistry and surgical care, such as extractions.

  *    Education:

  *    This is an important function of a family dentist. Young children benefit from learning to have confidence and trust in a dentist. Parents benefit from advice on a wide range of dental concerns, such as diet.

A Few Additional Benefits to Having a Family Dentist…

  *    In a dental emergency, the best person to go to is the dentist who is familiar with you and any dental problems you may have.

  *    Familiarity with the whole family is helpful when there are hereditary problems affecting the teeth and gums.

  *    Dental records are consolidated in one place.

  *    The patient and dentist know each other, making treatment more pleasant.

  *    The dental office is a familiar environment, helpful for those who are anxious about dental visits.

Dr. Robin Kozlowski is an experienced Family Dentist in Oyster Bay NY with the Locust Valley Dental Group. She has dedicated her practice to providing excellent patient care with the latest technologies and procedures. To schedule an appointment or learn more, visit the website.

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