Why Choose Teeth Whitening in Trumbull CT?

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Dentist

What person would turn down a dazzling smile? No one! With professional Teeth Whitening in Trumbull CT, it’s possible to get the smile you always dreamt of.

Why teeth discolor

Even when a person has impeccable oral hygiene, many factors can cause their teeth to discolor, causing them to lose their natural shine. Among these factors, there are certain elements related to the lifestyle of patients, such as the consumption of coffee, tea, wine or tobacco products, but also factors. These factors could be taking certain prescription drugs.

Aging is another uncontrollable factor that affects dental whiteness. To help dental patients regain a healthy-looking, young-looking smile, dentists offer professional Teeth Whitening in Trumbull CT. It adapts to the dentition of each patient and, since it is done under the supervision of a team of professionals, it does not risk damaging the patient’s enamel. The bleaching a dentist offers to their patients guarantees them a radiant smile.

Teeth whitening using trays

Although the market offers people a wide variety of teeth whitening products like gel, toothpaste, chewing gum and strips, consulting a dentist before starting a whitening treatment is essential. Indeed, some products offered over the counter could seriously damage the user’s teeth and gums. Always consider why your teeth are stained and your overall health before starting treatment.

At Commerce Park Cosmetic, dentists favor dental whitening using custom-made trays. This treatment is performed by the patient in the comfort of his or her home, but always according to the advice of the dentist and the hygienist. The whitening product is applied in custom aligners, which are applied to the patient’s teeth.

The duration of daily applications and the total duration of treatment are predetermined by a dentist to give the patient the results they are looking for. Contact us for more details.

The benefits of professional tooth whitening

Bleaching with trays has many advantages, including how the trays work. Since they are adapted to the dentition of each patient, this option optimizes contact between the teeth and whiteners. The results obtained have a uniformity that cannot be matched by over-the-counter products.

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