When to Seek Emergency Dental Services in Gainesville

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Dental

The pain and discomfort associated with most true dental emergencies makes it easy to tell when something is wrong and needs immediate attention. What can be hard, however, is making the decision between heading to the hospital or finding a dentist for emergency dental services in Gainesville. In most cases it makes more sense to head to the dentist, but there are some issues that even a skilled emergency dentist simply won’t be able to handle.

When to Head to the Hospital

Traumas involving the face and mouth might eventually require the expertise of a dentist. However, serious injuries such as jaw fractures and dislocations or lacerations to the soft tissue in or around the mouth may require immediate medical care as well as long-term dental work. If any injury or infection is impacting a patient’s ability to swallor or to breathe it is always reason to head to the emergency room immediately. This is particularly true if the difficulty is due to an abscess or infection, which may require antibiotics or even emergency surgery.

When to Find an Emergency Dentist

There are plenty of circumstances in which a dental emergency will require immediate care, but will not be life-threatening. Teeth that have been knocked out or cracked due to trauma and extreme pain from prolonged decay are two of the most common reasons patients see emergency dentists. Provided they are not impacting a patient’s ability to breathe or swallow these conditions do not require emergency medical care, so heading to the emergency room is generally a waste of time. If there is no dentist available to see a patient and he or she is in extreme pain or suspects there might be an infection present, this is sometimes the exception to the rule. Medical doctors can sometimes provide relief until patients can get in to see an emergency dentist.

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