When to See a DDS in Jenks

Most people understand they should see a dentist for routine cleanings and examinations twice annually. However, they may feel uncertain what other situations warrant seeing a DDS in Jenks. The following issues require scheduling an appointment to visit your dentist.

Bleeding or Receding Gums

Regular brushing and flossing prevent the gums from becoming inflamed and bleeding. You need immediate attention if you notice your gums bleed more when you brush or recede from your teeth. You may have developed periodontitis, requiring gum disease treatment.

You Hide Your Smile

Imperfections in your teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. You may avoid smiling altogether or hide your mouth when you do. Your DDS in Jenks can provide cosmetic treatment to correct imperfections and restore your beautiful smile so you don’t feel you need to hide it.

Tooth Pain

Whenever you experience tooth pain, it’s time to see your DDS in Jenks. They will examine your mouth and may take x-rays to locate the pain’s cause. Once they diagnose the problem, they can provide effective treatments to eliminate the pain.

Difficulty Eating

Dental problems can make it challenging to eat. You may settle for softer foods and avoid hard or chewy foods. Instead of changing your eating habits, a trip to the DDS in Jenks can resolve the problem and restore your eating ability.

If you need to schedule an appointment with a DDS in Jenks, visit Elwood Avenue Dental for more information.

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