What Should You Know About A Dental Implant in St Peter, MN

In Minnesota, dental patients will need replacements for teeth that were extracted due to damage. These replacements include dental implants. These devices present a more viable alternative to dentures. The following are details that patients should know about a Dental Implant in St Peter MN.

How are They Installed?

The first step is to assess the jawbone and determine if it will support a dental implant. If it isn’t, the dentist must perform bone grafts to strengthen the jawbone. Next, the dentist installs the titanium root. It is inserted into the tooth socket and into the jawbone. It must heal for up to six weeks. Next, the implant crown is installed and connected to the root via an abutment.

What are the Benefits of Implants?

The benefits of the implants begin with more natural teeth. Unlike other replacement options, these devices are installed individually. They remain in place and won’t slip out at inopportune times. They are stronger than other products as well. They are longer lasting choices and don’t require more complex processes to create them. They are a viable choice for patients who need to replace only one tooth.

What Can Patients Expect After the Surgery?

They will experience some discomfort initially. The dentist will provide them with painkillers and antibiotics to fight off an infection. If the patient experiences more severe conditions after the surgery, they most report them to their dentist immediately. This lowers common risks that could lead to major issues for the patient.

How Long Should They Last?

These installations can last throughout the patient’s life. They will need to use a toothpaste designed for false teeth to reduce damage. They should also avoid smoking and acidic foods and beverages. If they manage proper oral care as directed, they won’t need to replace these installations.

In Minnesota, dental patients find that dental implants are a better replacement choice for missing teeth. Dentures are known to slip and fall out of the patient’s mouth. This isn’t the case with dental implants. Patients who need to acquire a dental implant in St Peter, MN can contact us now for more information today.

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