What Should Patients Know About Teeth Whitening in Del City, OK?

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Dental

Having beautiful, white teeth allows a person to feel more confident about their appearance. Stains begin developing as soon as the teeth emerge from the gums. Over the years, the stains become more pronounced because the microscopic openings in the teeth expand as a person grows older. Although brushing can help to minimize staining, it cannot entirely remove it. The solution for discoloration of the teeth is Teeth Whitening in Del City OK.

There are two primary types of Teeth Whitening in Del City OK. Vital whitening helps to whiten teeth that still have the nerve intact while non-vital whitening treatments are used to whiten teeth that have been treated with a root canal and no longer have the nerve. Teeth that no longer have the nerve intact cannot be treated the same as normal teeth because the stains typically reside deeper in the tooth material.

In non-vital whitening treatments, the dentist will place a whitening agent inside the tooth and then fill it with a temporary filling. This allows the whitening agent to whiten the inside of the tooth and remove the stains. Most patients will require one to three treatments to achieve the whitening results they are hoping for, depending on the severity of staining.

The most common form of whitening treatment is carried out on teeth that have the nerves intact. For this treatment, the dentist protects the gums with a gum dam and then covers the teeth with a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The gel is activated by a laser or light and is left in place from thirty to ninety minutes. Many patients will need more than one treatment before they are able to achieve their desired shade. In some cases, the dentist will send the patient home with whitening trays to continue whitening their teeth after the initial treatment.

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