Two Symptoms That Indicate A Person Needs A Root Canal In Honolulu

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Dentist

A root canal treatment is a type of dental procedure that’s commonly performed on adult individuals. When Root Canal Honolulu area dentists perform this procedure, they remove the pulp from the inside of the tooth and then fill the tooth canals with a rubbery dental material. This procedure restores the tooth so the individual doesn’t have to get it extracted. Individuals who need to have this type of dental procedure should have it done as soon as possible before the damage to the tooth worsens. To find out if you need a root canal treatment, discover the two common signs to look for by reading the information below.

An Extremely Painful Tooth

The nerves of a tooth are located inside the pulp of the tooth, along with the blood vessels and other tissues. When a person has a badly decayed tooth, the decay often travels down inside the tooth into the pulp. The affected nerves cause the tooth to be very painful, especially when chewing and eating. Many individuals experience throbbing pain in the tooth and down through the tooth roots. A root canal in Honolulu area dentist will examine and take x-rays of the painful tooth before performing the procedure.

An Infection In The Tooth

When a tooth is decayed all the way down into the pulp, a massive amount of bacteria also gets down into the center of the tooth. The bacteria, along with the decayed matter, can cause the tooth to become infected. When a person has an infection in their tooth, they often experience a foul taste in their mouth. If the infection escalates, the tooth will become abscessed and this can cause a pocket of fluid to build up on the gums beside the tooth. The fluid pocket will feel like a small bump and if it pops open, the fluid will escape. This type of bump on the gum line can also become very sore and painful. If the infection escalates, it can travel throughout different parts of the body and cause other types of health issues.

If you’re experiencing symptoms that indicate you need a root canal, contact the dental office of Business Name. After a root canal treatment, you’ll no longer experience the symptoms and your tooth will have its full function again.

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