Top 3 Questions Dental Patients Ask About Root Canals in Southaven MS

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Dentist

A root canal treatment is a common procedure that’s performed by dentists every day. When individuals learn they need to have this procedure done, they often get nervous and sometimes scared. To learn about the basics of this dental procedure, read the top 3 questions listed below about Root Canals in Southaven MS.

Q.) Why do dentists recommend root canal procedures for their patients?

A.) When a patient needs to have a root canal treatment, their tooth becomes very painful. One option that the patient has is to have the tooth pulled. Dentists recommend a root canal treatment so the tooth can be saved. After the procedure is complete, the pain is gone and the tooth functions normally. A tooth extraction is the last option that dentists want for their patients. Once a tooth is gone, the teeth that’s next to it start to shift into the open space and this can cause additional tooth problems.

Q.) Does a dental patient feel an excessive amount of pain during a root canal treatment?

A.) Before starting the procedure, the dentist gives the patient an injection to numb the area around the tooth. After the numbing solution begins working, the patient won’t feel pain at all while the dentist is working on the tooth. After the procedure is completed and the numbing agent wears off, the patient will most likely have soreness in the tooth for a few days.

Q.) What does a dentist do to the tooth during a root canal treatment?

A.) When performing a root canal, the dentist takes out the infected tooth pulp that’s located in the center of the tooth. After thoroughly cleaning out the canals of the tooth and the root, the dentist fills the empty space with a substance called gutta percha. A dentist who performs Root Canals in Southaven MS then fills the tooth’s cavity and places a crown on the tooth if necessary.

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