Three Types of Care Offered By a Dentist in Panama City Beach, FL

Most people envision a dentist for two things: regular cleanings as well as cavity repair and fillings. However, the services by a dentist range from general care to invasive procedures, and include much more than the classic cleanings that everyone experiences. Knowing what care a dentist offers ahead of time will help you in the future in case you require more intensive dental procedures.

Preventative Care

All dental care fits into three broad categories which are also usually used in determining how much coverage your insurance provides. The category that most people are familiar with is preventative care. These services include the common teeth cleanings and regular visits to your dentist in Panama City Beach, FL. Preventative care also includes diagnostic procedures, such as X-rays, which determine if you need further dental care.

Basic Care

If you receive an X-ray and the dentist diagnoses one or more of your teeth with cavities, the next step is to fill those teeth. Most people experience a cavity at some point in their lives and realize that these procedures vary widely from one patient to the next. Additionally, root canal treatments or wisdom tooth extraction are common services offered in this category.

Major Care

Major care is a broad area that most people do not realize is considered a large procedure. Dentists are able to perform complex treatments that both improve aesthetic and functionality in both the teeth and jawbone. This includes implants and dentures as well as complex tooth removal or repairs. Getting braces to correct teeth alignment is common and also falls under the category of major care.

Although most dentists offer comprehensive services, make sure you are using a dentist who is able to care for your dental hygiene, no matter what situation arises. If you are still wondering what other services a dentist offers, visit our official website to learn about services and insurance coverage.

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