Three Reasons to Choose Implants in Short Hills, NJ Instead of Dentures

Missing teeth can be a real hassle. Aside from the issues it creates for a person’s appearance, it can make life difficult in a variety of different ways. Everything from holding a conversation to enjoying a meal can be hindered because of the gap created by missing teeth. Today, patients have several different options for dealing with the gaps. In the past, dentures have been the primary choice. However, dental Implants in Short Hills NJ are starting to gain more attention as patients learn more about their benefits.

No Slipping or Movement

Imagine trying to eat in front of another person when dentures slip out or begin to move. Imagine talking with another person only to struggle to keep dentures in place. While dentures can fill in the gap created by missing teeth, they tend to move around if not properly adhered to the gums. Dental Implants in Short Hills NJ stay in place no matter what is going on. In fact, most people can’t tell the difference between implants and a person’s natural teeth.

Poor Fit Could Result in Oral Problems

In addition, to the movement that can happen with dentures, an even bigger problem can occur if they aren’t fitted properly. Unfortunately, the areas between the dentures and the other teeth can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This could lead to infections or even problems with some of the surrounding teeth. Instead of helping with a person’s oral health, the dentures could be creating more of a problem. Implants don’t create an oral health risk. Click here to learn more.

Permanent Fix

At some point, dentures need to be removed from the mouth. They need to be cleaned and taken care of. There are moments when a person can be seen without all of his or her teeth. Implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Once they are placed in the mouth, they remain there permanently. No matter what time, day or night, a person can show off a beautiful smile with natural-looking teeth.

Missing teeth can be detrimental to a person’s ability to talk or eat and even contribute to a poor self-image. Come by Westfield Oral Surgery to find out if implants are the right option for you.

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