Three Questions About Teeth Whitening In Redding At A Dental Office

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Dental

If you’ve always wanted to have whiter teeth or if you’re embarrassed to open your mouth because of discolored teeth, consider contacting a Teeth Whitening Redding area dentist. Professional tooth whitening allows individuals to have the whitest teeth possible in less than one hour at a dental office. To learn more about professional tooth whitening performed by a dentist, read the three questions and answers below.

Q.) How does professional tooth whitening work at a dental office?

A.) The dentist begins the procedure by brushing the teeth whitening gel on the surface of the teeth. When all the teeth are coated, the dentist shines a special type of light over the gel so that it whitens the teeth. After shining the light over the gel for the specified amount of time, the gel is rinsed off and the teeth are already whitened up to several shades lighter.

Q.) What types of ingredients are in the gel that a dentist uses to whiten the teeth?

A.) The main ingredient in professional tooth whitening gel that lightens a tooth’s color is hydrogen peroxide. This substance works by bleaching out the yellow and brownish colors that are often found on the surface of the teeth. This discoloration is often caused by eating certain foods that cause the teeth to become stained. The results may not be as prominent in individuals who have grayish teeth stains, which are most often caused by taking certain medications.

Q.) Is professional tooth whitening safe for individuals and does it cause damage to the teeth?

A.) Professional tooth whitening performed by a dentist is very safe for adults and it doesn’t cause any harm to a patient’s teeth. Some individuals report minor tooth sensitivity for a short time after having the procedure done. A Teeth Whitening Redding area dentist can answer any questions that patients have about the tooth whitening procedure and what to expect.

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