Things to Know About Teeth Whitening Sessions by a Dentist in Utica NY

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Dentist

A dentist in Utica, NY or dental hygienists at the clinic may use a whitening solution containing 10 percent of the active ingredient, such as carbamide peroxide. This gradually whitens teeth and removes years of stains without being too hard on the enamel. There may be some teeth sensitivity after whitening sessions because pores in the enamel have been opened temporarily. This will dissipate after several days.

Sessions at the Clinic

Whitening done this way will not damage any fillings or restoration features in the mouth. Whitening can lighten the teeth beyond the color of crowns and veneers, however, which is why people with these fixtures may not want to try the process at home. A dentist in Utica, NY can carefully monitor the results, so the color matches those features. Whitening does not lighten dental restorations. Other patients might begin with one whitening session at a clinic such as Business Name, then leave with a personal kit so they can continue lightening their teeth at home.

Calcium Deposits

Some patients will see white streaks in their teeth after a session, which should not be cause for alarm. The lightening process temporarily makes calcium deposits in the teeth more visible. This will fade back to normal within a day or two.

Changing Old Habits

Whitening isn’t permanent. Stains and reduced brightness will develop again if the person returns to old habits. Drinking red wine, coffee, black tea, dark soft drinks and grape juice are examples of habits that can stain teeth. Whitening will dramatically improve the appearance of teeth stained by tobacco, although more sessions than usual typically are necessary to achieve optimum results.

The person may not want to give up the morning coffee or evening glass of wine, but drinking soda and juice through a straw will help. Tobacco use is discouraged because of its negative impact on overall health, not just because it stains tooth enamel. Some individuals continue to buy over-the-counter whitening products to combat the stains, but overuse of these substances is inadvisable. Patients should follow the schedule provided by the dentist. An occasional touch-up is reasonable.

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