The Top Reasons to Consider Veneers

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Dentist

It can be a bummer to feel like your smile isn’t as nice as it used to be, but there is hope out there. Porcelain veneers can offer you an option for covering up stains, cracks, and other visual deformities present on your natural teeth. If you aren’t sure whether veneers are the right option for you, read on. We’ll give you the top reasons to consider this dental procedure.

A Beautiful Smile

Are you tired of hiding your teeth when someone snaps a photo of you? Many people with less than perfect teeth wish they had the mouth that the biggest celebrity has on the cover of their favorite magazine. But even celebrities sometimes require celebrity veneers in West Hollywood to make their smile white and glowing. Veneers give you the option of brightening your smile without going through a whitening process.

Abnormal Tooth Shape

Another reason to consider celebrity veneers in West Hollywood is if your teeth are a bit misshapen or have chips. Veneers are bonded onto your natural tooth and cover up any of these problem areas. This can give you a natural smile that you can be proud of. Make sure to choose a dentist who is able to help you choose the best size and shape to fit your mouth, so you’ll never have another moment being self-conscious when you smile.

Tooth Gaps

Some people have gaps between their teeth and find that it gets them down. If you are one of these people and you prefer not to go through the process of wearing braces, veneers may be the answer. Your dentist in West Hollywood will build a veneer that is shaped to cover up the gap, but leave your teeth looking natural. You can also turn up the brightness of your smile at the same time.

A Natural Look

With a veneer, you will get a custom product that matches the color and shape of your natural teeth. This makes veneers one of the dental options that look most natural. Nobody will have any idea that you have veneers unless you choose to tell them. This can add a boost of confidence and give you an extra reason to smile.

Smile Brightly Again

At Studio City Orthodontist offer porcelain veneers at a reasonable price and will do everything possible to ensure you leave our office looking like a million bucks. To learn more about the process, you can contact us from our website at

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