Strategies Used by a Cosmetic Dentist in Long Island to Rejuvenate a Middle-Aged Patient’s Smile

By the time someone is approaching the senior years, this person’s teeth have likely become somewhat discolored over time if no cosmetic work has been performed yet. The teeth may be a little crooked, too, or there might be a small gap between some teeth. People may feel a bit discouraged as they notice the increasing numbers of individuals with straight, gleaming white teeth in photos on social media. With products available to help with whitening and straightening teeth from a cosmetic dentist in Long Island, middle-aged individuals shouldn’t shy away from pursuing the cosmetic work they would love to have done.

A Cosmetic dentist in Long Island can help patients whose teeth have become stained over the years from drinking a great deal of coffee, black tea or red wine. Whitening can be started at the clinic and continued at home as the patient gradually achieves the results he or she wants. Even without tackling cosmetic dental issues such as slightly crooked teeth or small gaps, the whitening process can rejuvenate a smile and take years off a person’s face.

Some people have never had their teeth aligned, while others had orthodontic work done at a young age and now see that their teeth have shifted slightly as decades have passed. Invisible removable braces can correct many of the issues that traditional orthodontic braces do. They consist of clear trays that are hard to notice. Problems usually can be resolved in a year or less, as long as the person is dedicated to wearing the tray for at least 20 hours every day.

If invisible braces don’t seem like the right answer to move teeth and fill in some gaps, the individual might consider having veneers applied. These cosmetic devices adhere to the front of the teeth and can help reshape them. They can be made a bit larger than the teeth on either side of the gap, and thus hide that gap.

A dentist such as Jay B. Lubliner understands how people of a certain age would like to look younger by having some cosmetic work done on their teeth. Details are available at the website

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