Signs it is Time to Make an Appointment at a Dental Clinic in Omaha NE

Most people know that every six months they have to make an appointment for a checkup and cleaning at their local Dental Clinic in Omaha NE. However, what about in between these visits? There are some situations that indicate dental care is needed that should not be ignored. Getting to know what these signs are is the best way to maintain good oral health.

Tooth Pain

Anyone who has suffered from tooth pain in the past knows how hard it is to ignore. If a toothache occurs, most people want to do whatever they can to have it treated. With the presence of pain, it is clear there is something wrong, and if tooth pain is an issue, it may be more serious than a person thinks. Even if the pain goes away in a few days, it is still a good idea to see a dentist. They can determine the underlying cause of the pain.

Inflamed Gums

If a person has gums that are inflamed and swollen, then it is definitely time to book an appointment at a Dental Clinic in Omaha NE. When the gums become inflamed, it is a result of hardened plaque that has begun to accumulate beneath the gum line. This is often a sign of periodontitis or gingivitis and doesn’t need to be ignored.

White Spots on the Teeth

If a person notices white spots on their teeth, then these are the first indications of dental decay. This is an infection in the tooth where the enamel has started to dissolve because of the acid produced by bacteria. In many cases, tooth decay can take place with no symptoms, which is why it is so important to make and keep dental appointments.

Dental care isn’t something that should be put off or ignored. As time passes, or health issues are only going to get worse, which is why regular dental checkups are so important. More information about dental care and checkups can be found by contacting the staff at Westwood Dental. Being informed is the best way to maintain good oral health throughout life.

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