See the Dentists in Kona When You Have Signs of Cavities

One of the biggest threats to the health of a person’s smile is decay. When decay begins to affect the teeth, openings will develop, and the inner pulp can become diseased. Once the pulp is diseased, a root canal is the only treatment that can save the tooth from necrosis. It is imperative individuals can recognize the signs of cavities in their teeth so they will know when to see the Dentists in Kona.

Signs of Cavities

There are a few different signs that can begin to alert an individual they may be suffering from a cavity. The following are some of the most common signs that will be noticed when decay begins to set in.

  • One of the first signs an individual is likely to notice is a pain. Unfortunately, pain occurs after the damage has been done to the tooth. Pain should never be ignored because it is the body’s warning sign that something is amiss.
  • Individuals may notice their teeth become extra sensitive when decay is present. Biting down, eating sweets, or major temperature changes can send painful shocks through the tooth. If drinking a hot cup of coffee suddenly starts causing sensitivity, a cavity could be to blame.
  • A person may also notice coloration changes in their teeth when decay is present. Coloration issues can show up as black, gray, or even white patches on the teeth. If these are noticed, the health of the tooth has become compromised with decay.
  • Foul breath is also noticed when there is decay present, especially if multiple teeth are affected. The individual who notices their breath is not getting better even though the should see the Dentists in Kona for an examination.

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Seeing the dentist on regularly is crucial for good oral health. The average individual should plan on scheduling at least two dental appointments a year for the best results. If you would like to learn more about cavities and how the dentist can help, Click Here.

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