See an Invisalign Orthodontist in Ellicott City For More Pleasant Tooth Alignment

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Dental

Unfortunately, few are lucky enough to be born with perfectly straight, aligned teeth. As many are unhappy with the alignment of their teeth or may face difficulties because of tooth gaps, wearing braces has been a popular option for decades. Braces serve to slowly move teeth into a better alignment, but they can be unattractive and uncomfortable. Often, patients are simply unwilling to commit to years of wearing braces and simply leave their imperfect teeth as they are. However, any issues with the placement of teeth can worsen over time, so it is truly better to have problems corrected early in life. For those who wish to improve the alignment of their teeth but do not wish to wear unattractive braces, a visit to an invisalign orthodontist in Ellicott City area may be the best choice.

Why are Invisalign More Attractive Than Normal Braces?

Traditional braces involve a set of metal or plastic brackets and wires that are attached to each tooth and connected together. This is often quite visible to others and can be a source of embarrassment for those wearing them. This is especially true for adults who must wear braces, as most associate braces with teenagers. Invisalign, however, is nearly invisible to others, and most people forget that they even have them on.

Are Invisalign More Comfortable Than Metal Braces?

Other than aesthetic appearance, one of the main reason that people choose Invisalign is because of how much more comfortable they are. With no metal wires and brackets to poke into gums or the tongue, patients find that Invisalign is much less painful and causes less sores and abrasions within the mouth. Also, there aren’t frequent appointments to tighten the wires as with metal braces, which is more convenient and less uncomfortable as well.

While braces are a wonderful options that have helped millions of people, some people prefer more discrete and comfortable options like Invisalign. Invisalign consists of specially fitted plastic trays that move teeth to an improved alignment. They are more attractive that normal braces and less painful to wear, so many older adults and teens prefer to see an invisalign orthodontist in Ellicott City.

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