Save Your Smile and Spare Yourself Pain When You Have a Dental Emergency in Arlington

A blow to the face from a baseball can mean more than a broken nose. You could be looking at damaged, loose, or missing teeth. You need to get treatment as soon as possible. The hospital isn’t going to help you with your oral dilemma. An emergency dentist in Arlington can give you the support you need when you are in trouble with your teeth. Getting help right away can do more than help you to keep damaged teeth. It could help you to save your smile.

Dental Emergencies Can Take You by Surprise

Trauma to the mouth is only one type of dental emergency in Arlington. Others include severe infections that cause your face to swell due to an abscess or teeth that have cracked, exposing the root. You may have fillings that suddenly fall out, causing serious pain. Your bridge or crown could become damaged. There may be unexplained bleeding in your mouth. Regardless of what is happening, you need an emergency dentist to get your teeth back in shape.

Get Immediate Assistance Until You Can Have a Permanent Fix

When you have a go-to emergency dentist in Arlington, you get help right away. Your solution may only get you through the moment until you can come back for more comprehensive treatment. The main goal is to make sure you aren’t in pain. If you have an infection, it should be treated to avoid more serious problems. Your emergency dentist Golden Rule Dental Care may be able to help you to be able to eat normally while you are waiting to take the next step. It could be the only way you can save a tooth that has been knocked out in an accident. You never know what kind of emergency is going to affect your teeth. Your emergency dentist will be on call when you are in need, ensuring you are prepared for the unexpected.

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