Routine Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Teeth Removal in Trumbull, CT

Teeth removal in Trumbull CT is a complicated operation and is to be performed only in cases of extreme necessity. A tooth extraction usually occurs when a person has excessively neglected their oral health in terms of brushing and daily cleaning. Even seeing his or her local dentist twice a year can greatly help the chances of saving a tooth. If a person wants to avoid tooth extraction, follow the advice below. Before trouble rears its ugly head, keep in mind that seeing a dentist ASAP can help a person solve almost any dental problem.

When should a dentist proceed with a tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction will always be one of the last treatments a dentist wants to undertake because dentists try to save the patient’s teeth at every opportunity. All other viable treatments should be attempted before performing a root canal. If extraction is the only option, keep the information below in mind. X-rays will be needed to check the state of the tooth and jawbone. This allows the dentist to perform an assessment and determine how to proceed. Once the dentist decides that an extraction is the only option, he or she will partially sedate the patient using oral anesthetics. They will also prescribe other medicines like anti-inflammatories, analgesics, and antibiotics to facilitate healing after surgery.

Should people consider implants after having a tooth removed?

Yes, in almost all cases. This is important if people want to avoid major problems like bite issues and discoloration concerns. It is, therefore, necessary after a tooth extraction to get an implant. Only in those cases where wisdom teeth are removed and in cases where a tooth should be removed because of space issues should dentists extract a tooth and not replace it.

A person with a healthy mouth should have at least one dental cleaning every eight to ten months. If the person has periodontal disease or other issues, he or she should see the dentist more frequently (usually every six months). When did you get your last dental cleaning? Patients can request a consultation so the dentist can review their oral health status. Find more information here.

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