Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist in St Peter, MN

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Dentist

Many dental emergencies can be avoided with proper at-home care and routine dental visits, and most dentists offer their patients scheduled appointments as needed. However, there are some situations that really require the immediate attention offered by an Emergency Dentist in St Peter MN. This article is intended to help dental patients decide whether their tooth troubles can be put off until their regular dentists have an opening or require immediate attention.

Abscessed Teeth

Abscesses are extremely painful, so most patients suffering from them don’t need to be told twice to get to the dentist immediately. Anyone who needs some extra motivation should also consider the fact that abscesses can also be a serious detriment to a patient’s overall health if they are not dealt with immediately. Most patients will require antibiotics to combat the infection, and many will end up needing their teeth extracted.

Acute Dental Trauma

Knocked out teeth, displaced teeth, and other acute issues resulting from injuries or accidents are good reasons to head to an emergency dentist. The faster a patient who has lost or displaced a tooth gets to a dentist, the better the chances are that it will be successfully replanted. Anyone who has lost a tooth should put the tooth in milk until they can get to an Emergency Dentist in St Peter MN to further increase the chances of successful replanting.

Extreme or Prolonged Pain

A minor toothache can usually be assuaged with over-the-counter pain medication, but some toothaches do require immediate emergency care. If the pain is extreme or does not go away after a day or two, it’s probably time to consider heading in. The most common reason for extreme pain is tooth decay, which can be alleviated via appropriate treatment.

Don’t Bother With the Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are great at handling acute medical trauma, but they can do very little about dental problems. When a patient is having trouble with his or her teeth, the best thing to do is call a dentist immediately. Get in touch with Business Name to learn more about emergency dental care services.

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