Ready for New Teeth? Dental Bridge in Mitchellville, MD

All dentists will tell you that teeth damaged beyond repair need to be removed. Dead teeth are common, and unfortunately some people experience tooth loss more than others. The older people get, the more likely it is that they’ll need teeth to be removed. However, there are steps to restore that old, charming smile. If you’re unsure how this process works, continue reading below.

Getting Rid of the Old Teeth

Disease, weakened gums, excessive smoking, and bad or neglectful brushing habits can cause tooth loss. While there are other factors, these are some of the most common. If your teeth are hurting and damaged, see a professional like a general dentist right away. A general dentist will inform you which teeth are damaged beyond repair, and which teeth can be saved.

The dentist can either pull the bad teeth right away, or schedule a separate appointment. Once the teeth are out, you can prepare for the next steps. The dentist might recommend a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is a series of false teeth or a small row that replaces missing teeth. While it is a false row of teeth, it looks realistic. Typically, the row starts and ends with an anchor tooth that holds the row in place, and the middle is filled with artificial teeth that do not anchor. This procedure allows people to eat and chew regularly without breaking or straining the jaw.

Who Can Do This Procedure?

Finding a dental bridge in Mitchellville, MD can be simple. Asking the general dentist for a referral is a great way to get started. He or she will recommend someone that he or she trusts so you can be sure the procedure is done safely and lasts forever.

A prosthodontist can perform the procedure as his or her specialty is implants, bridges, and false teeth. Simply ask your dentist for a good prosthodontist (his or her office might have one on staff already) and you should be able to make an appointment quickly.

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