Prosthodontists can Determine if You’re a Suitable Candidate

For over 40 years, implant dentists, referred to as prosthodontists, have been using dental implants near Skokie as an alternative to tooth replacement and have found that implants are a much better option than bridges and dentures. They are now the standard of care for the replacement of missing or unhealthy teeth. If you live near Skokie, you may be wondering if you’re a candidate for implant treatment and, if so, what that entails. Here are some indications that are commonly used to determine whether you’re a candidate.

Good Health

While almost every person is a potential candidate for dental implants, your health is definitely a consideration. If you have poorly managed diabetes, you will likely need to get it under control before your doctor will sign off on the surgery. Smoking can also be disqualifying. It’s recommended that you quit before undergoing the procedure to avoid infection . Many times, your prosthodontist and doctor can collaborate to help you manage your health so that you can get the treatment.

Jaw Bone

Implants require support from the jaw, so you must ensure that the structure is there first. If you don’t have strong and healthy bone, the implant is more likely to fail. However, don’t despair if you don’t have adequate jaw bone, as a bone graft can be used to create a strong foundation for better integration.

Gum Health

Just like your body must be in good health, your gums must be healthy as well. Infection of the gums or gingivitis can prevent them from healing correctly after surgery. Gum infections can also cause tooth loss in the long term, so it’s best to get these corrected and reversed if possible. The sooner you get treatment for gum disease, the sooner you can be cleared to get implants. If you opt to get implantation treatment with gum disease, this can impact the chance of success for the procedure.

Periodontal treatment can be used prior to implantation to fix the issue and help heal your gums. When you come to a consultation for dental implants, the prosthodontist will evaluate the health of your gums and make a determination as to whether any treatment will be necessary.

Commitment to Oral Health

Dental implants look and function like normal teeth, so it is imperative that you take care of them like you do your natural teeth. This includes brushing and flossing with a water flosser, as well as routine dental care. If you take proper care of your teeth and implants, you lower your risk of losing more teeth, and it’s quite possible that your implants will last a lifetime.

Not Disqualified

While overall health is essential for implantation, you may not be disqualified automatically if you have gum disease, smoke, or have little bone density. Many times, these issues can be corrected before treatment is administered. It is important that you talk with your doctor and prosthodontist about your options and how you can improve your oral and overall health in preparation for the procedure. It’s highly likely that you will ultimately be a candidate for implants, even if you’re not now.

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