Making the Decision to Sell Dental Practice in San Diego Through a Brokerage Firm

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Dental

When a dentist is ready to retire and sell a dental practice in San Diego, the practitioner can do so through self-marketing or by using a broker specializing in these businesses. Utilizing a broker’s services can be very effective since dentists all over the country may be searching for this type of opportunity. With San Diego being such a beautiful city situated in a warm climate, it’s attractive to many men and women seeking to relocate.

Reaching Qualified Buyers

The ability of a brokerage to reach so many qualified individuals is the main reason to choose this option. A dentist can take out advertisements in appropriate professional publications, but many potential buyers may not see the ad. To sell a dental practice in San Diego in a timely manner for the right price, contracting with a broker specializing in this work can be very advantageous.

Delegating the Marketing

Turning over the marketing work to a broker also allows the dentist to focus on more important aspects. The practitioner still wants to provide excellent service for patients, of course. He or she may be planning to move away from the area after the sale is complete and may already be starting to pack up belongings that are seldom used.

Important Considerations for the Transition

This is an emotional time for the practitioner, who may have owned this clinic for decades and feel very attached to the community, employees, and long-time patients. Nevertheless, it also feels like time to move on.

The dentist also must decide when to tell the employees about the upcoming change. There is some debate about this in dentistry circles reagrding timing. Should the employees be notified just before the practice goes up for sale? Should they be told after a dentist has bought the clinic through a brokerage such as websiteSome employees may not appreciate being blindsided when the transition is about to take place shortly. The practitioner must make the decision that seems most favorable for the employees as well as for the dentist who takes over.

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