What to Look for in Children Dentistry in Camas, WA

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Dentist

There are many things to prepare for when children are born. The dentist is not at the top of the list in most cases. It is not until a child becomes a toddler that parents begin to look for a dentist for the child. All children are different, and some may be very apprehensive about going to a dentist. What are the things a parent should look for in Children Dentistry in Camas WA?


One of the most important characteristics of a pediatric dentist or children’s dentist is for them to be friendly. It is just as important for their staff to make the office a friendly environment. An office full of adult books, magazines, and dull pictures will not make a child feel comfortable. The children’s dentist office needs to be bright, vibrant, and have kid-friendly attractions. Many children’s dentist offices have video games, art supplies, chalkboards, and other things that make the visit fun for kids.

Experienced Staff

The dental staff working with children should be familiar with the emotions of children. They should be highly trained and experienced in dealing with an easy child as well as a more difficult child who may be afraid. The staff will know the difference in how baby teeth and mature teeth behave. All of these things will allow them to give children the best dental experience.

Convenient Scheduling

Since many parents work, it is important to find a pediatric dentist who can schedule convenient appointments for children. This could also benefit children during the school year so they do not have to miss classes. Convenient hours for a children’s dentist will include them working during normal lunchtime hours and perhaps taking their own lunch later in the day.

There are many groups in a community where a person can find a good referral to a children’s dentist. Some may get a referral from people they know at church or their childcare place. No matter where parents take their children, it is important the dentist is a good fit for the family. To look more into Children Dentistry in Camas WA, contact Lewis Family Dentistry. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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