Information about Teeth Whitening in Newark NJ

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Dental

Teeth Whitening in Newark NJ is the lightening of the teeth. During this process stains and discoloration are removed from the teeth. Teeth whitening can be done at home, but it is recommended that you go to the dentist to have it done. Teeth whitening can be done generally by the age of ten. Dentist wants to wait for the adult teeth to come in before trying this process.

ChildSmiles.FamilySmiles offers teeth whitening. During your appointment your dentist will discuss why you want Teeth Whitening in Newark NJ and is it a good option for you. The dentist will perform x-rays to see the cause of discoloration. Then, the dentist will decide if you are able to undergo teeth whitening. Once approved by the dentist, you will go over what level of whiteness suits you. A general rule of thumb would be to match the whiteness in your eyes.

Teeth whitening studies have shown that in small amounts teeth whitening does not damage your teeth. Dentist is concerned with the protection of your gums. Before whitening treatments are done dentist will take precautions to protect your gums. After whitening treatments gums are very sensitive. Dentist recommends going two weeks before getting a teeth cleaning and brushing teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush.

After teeth whitening is done, your mouth may feel more sensitive. This is completely normal and is expected. It is recommended after the whitening procedure has been completed to use a soft bristle toothbrush. Brushing your teeth with a sensitive formula tooth paste and lukewarm water is also recommended. Along with the soft bristle toothbrush, you should avoid hot and cold foods and beverages for two to three days. If sensitivity persists, you should make an appointment to see your dentist again.

Teeth whitening results vary from each individual. Results vary from six months up to two years. Diet and oral hygiene factor in on these results. Someone who maintains a good diet along with a good daily oral hygiene routine will have longer lasting results. To make results last longer, avoid teeth staining items such as wine, tobacco, and coffee. For more information about teeth whitening Browse the website.

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