How To Prepare For Dental Braces In Staten Island, NY

When a person’s teeth and jaws are not properly aligning, it can lead to pain, uneven wear, and an unattractive smile. With dental braces in Staten Island NY, individuals can overcome these issues and protect the health of their smiles. Because many adults and children are nervous when they find out they need braces, it can be helpful for them to learn what to expect from the process so they can be prepared.

The process for getting dental braces first involves a full examination of the oral cavity. The dentist will take a series of X-rays that include panoramic films. These images show the full positioning of the teeth and jaws so the dentist can determine the best course of treatment for the alignment issues. X-rays will also be taken periodically throughout the treatment so the dentist can monitor how the teeth are responding.

Some patients will need to have permanent teeth extracted if there is not enough room for all of their teeth to rest comfortably. This can stop overcrowding and allow the dentist to manipulate the teeth into a better position. The next part of the process will involve the placement of the braces.

There are three main components to dental braces.

  • The brackets are attached directly to the front or back of the teeth. They may be made of stainless steel or ceramic. Today’s brackets are much smaller than they were in the past, allowing individuals to feel less like they have a mouth full of metal.

  • Metal bands are placed around the molar teeth to hold the wiring in place. The last molar is fit with a band that has a buccal tube and a headgear tube if headgear will be used in the treatment process.

  • Flexible wires are used to connect the bands with the brackets and the wire can be tightened or loosened throughout the treatment process so the dentist can move the teeth and jaws into the desired position.

Those who are tired of dealing with alignment issues can finally have a straighter smile with dental braces in Staten Island, NY. To learn more about orthodontic and other dental treatments, visit Brooklyn Orthodontics.

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