How Routine Dental Services Protect Your Oral Health in Los Angeles, CA

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Dental

Routine dental services manage tooth damage and decrease the risk of tooth loss and periodontal disease. With preventative dentistry in Los Angeles, CA, patients improve their oral health and lower these risks. Consulting a dental professional helps determine if you need dental services to correct tooth damage.

Routine Exams and Cleanings

All patients need at least one annual dental examination to determine if they have tooth damage or signs of gum disease. X-rays reveal if any underlying tooth issues could lead to tooth loss.

Semi-annual cleanings remove bacteria and debris from the teeth and gums. After the cleaning, the hygienist tells the dentist if there are signs of tooth damage or gum erosion.

Root Canal Surgery

Oral surgeons perform a root canal procedure to prevent the loss of a damaged tooth. First, they drill open the tooth and remove the pulp and root. Next, a composite resin is injected into the tooth, and the tooth is sealed completely. Oral surgeons may also install a dental crown over the tooth to reinforce the repairs. Root canals are included in preventative dentistry in Los Angeles, CA.

Correcting and Repairing Cavities

Cavities form when a tooth begins to decay after becoming damaged. If you don’t get a cavity fixed quickly, the decay and cavity could spread to other teeth. So the dentist drills away all decay and cleans the tooth to fix a cavity. Next, they fill the tooth with a composite resin or porcelain. Finally, they sand the filling to reshape the tooth and use ultraviolet light to cure the resin.

Preventative dental services lower your risk of tooth loss and periodontal disease. If you visit a dentist regularly, they get these services as needed and improve your oral health. Contact Smile L.A. Downtown Modern Dentistry or visit for more information.

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