How Do Dental Implants Work In Neptune, NJ?

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Dental

Missing a tooth or more gives you some partial qualifications for getting dental implants. Also, if dentures are no longer working for you, you could try dental implants. Deciding on whether or not you want dental implants can be daunting, no doubt. This piece will discuss dental implants to help you gain a better understanding of what you are getting yourself into.

What do dental implants look like?

Dental implants Neptune, NJ epitomize the real tooth. They are composed of a titanium cylinder or screw that serves as the implants, tooth root. The screw has an abutment, which then serves as the sitting base for the crown. The crown looks like the visible part of a tooth.

How do dental implants work?

During the procedure, your dentist will make an incision on the gums where the titanium screw will be planted. The screw is planted beneath the gums into the jawbone and stitched to allow the surgical site to heal. It takes about three to six months for the screw to fuse with the jawbone. The fusion makes a firm base for dental implants in Neptune, NJ.

After healing, you will go back to the dental clinic for crown attachment to complete the dental implants process.

Dental implants in Neptune, NJ, can last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Are you the right candidate for dental implants? Visit Glamorous Smile Dental Spa for an initial consultation with lead dentist to see if you qualify for an implant procedure.

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