Helping Your Cosmetic Dentist in Arlington TX

Although most people think that older people need extensive dental work, this is not actually the case. Basically, a person’s teeth are designed for a lifetime amount of stability, provided they practice proper oral care. If a person strives for perfect oral health and consumes a decent diet, their teeth can very well last forever.

If larger gaps have to be filled up with a prosthesis, one can get tips about various procedures at a local Cosmetic dentist in Arlington TX.

Bad teeth are not hereditary

Unfortunately, most people believe that bad teeth are handed down from one generation to the next. In reality, this is more an excuse for poor hygiene than truth. Researchers have discovered that some risk of tooth decay is actually genetic.

However, the factors concerning care, nutrition, lifestyle and also age outweigh the genetic requirements. Those who do everything right can have healthy teeth for a lifetime, despite having parents with bad teeth.

Sugar-free does not mean there is no sugar

Many foods are advertised as sugar-free. Parents consider these foods to be particularly useful because they can feed their children as much as they want and what they consume is still tooth-friendly. Unfortunately, this is a misconception that is often fueled by false advertising.

The fact is that sugar is present in all foods and in many forms. Simply abandoning the mere addition of industrial sugar does not make the food sugar-free, even though it is often emphasized in advertising that no added sugar was added to the food. Also, fructose, dextrose, naturally contained milk sugar and malt sugar are still sugars, even if they are not legally defined as sugars.

When food is advertised as sugar-free, consumers can be sure that no raw sugar has been added. However, they still have to account for natural sugars. Other sugars, which do not have to be declared by law, also provide decay-causing bacteria.

Eating a well-balanced meal and practicing routine oral hygiene at home is the best way to obtain a beautiful smile. However, every single person needs to see their dentist at least once a year for routine cleaning. Contact Carrier Dentistry for more details.

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