Get a Beautiful Smile From an Expert Dental Clinic in Lumberton TX

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Dentist

A beautiful smile can be a great thing and obtaining one can be much easier than people may think. For instance, a Dental Clinic in Lumberton TX can begin the process by cleaning the teeth and whitening them. Dental cleaning is a procedure that removes tartar and plaque. It should be performed on an annual basis as one part of an oral hygiene plan. Dental whitening is the removal of stains and a completely different process.

Whitening the teeth begins by placing a gel or paste based on carbamide peroxide over the teeth. After the solution is in place, the dentist will introduce a little water which begins a chemical reaction. Mixing carbamide peroxide with H2O results in hydrogen peroxide and the chemical reaction of the conversion pushes the cleaning agent under the enamel. The whole procedure should take between twenty to thirty minutes and the final result should appear within the next seven to ten days.

There are times when whitening isn’t possible or the patient has dental problems that are easily hidden. This is when a Dental Clinic in Lumberton TX makes use of a technique known as dental veneers. A veneer is simply a fine layer of one material placed over another. In the case of the dental veneer, the material is usually porcelain. Veneers can be used to cover deep stains, misshapen teeth, crooked teeth and other issues. However, the dental veneer is not a repair. This procedure is simply for cosmetic purposes.

If the teeth are damaged, then the dentist will need to use other procedures such as drilling and filling or covering the damaged tooth with a crown. Crowns are made from porcelain or similarly hard materials. This prevents them from breaking under the stress of biting and chewing. Another process where the crown is used is the dental implant. An implant is used to replace missing teeth. This can be useful to prevent shifting teeth and restore the ability to bite and chew.

Other areas where the dentist can help include the creation of bridges and dentures. Using a prosthetic device is necessary when multiple teeth are missing in the same area. The technologies for bridges and dentures has improved a lot and these appliances are much more reliable and easier on the user. Please click here to investigate more info about dental procedures and smile improvement.

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