Finding a Reliable Dentist in Calgary to Perform Wisdom Teeth Removal

Appearing around age 17 or 18 years, the wisdom teeth are the last molars that come in as an adult. There are normally four of them, but sometimes people have fewer – if any. In most cases, a surgical operation is performed by a dentist in Gainesville. Find out why this issue is so important to oral health…

Wisdom teeth are mostly a nuisance. The dentist in Gainesville extracts the tooth or teeth to prevent current or future oral problems or diseases. This is especially the case when the tooth is pushed in the wrong direction or is subject to internal infections. The extraction is done at the dentist’s office, under local anesthesia. At most, it can involve two teeth at the same time, on the same side. Before the operation, the practitioner performs a few tests including an x-ray, a CT of the jaw and a consultation, if necessary. Local anesthesia is done by injection, after which the doctor makes an incision into the gum to extract the tooth. Once the tooth is cleared the dentist then cleans the area thoroughly before finalizing the procedure with a few sutures.

As with any surgical procedure, this type of intervention can be accompanied by some complications, although this is not common. One of the most common issues concerns a hemorrhage, an infection, or various bone complications. Some patients are also susceptible to impaired sensitivity due to nerve problems. Signs of postoperative complications can occur immediately after the procedure or several days later. Infection results in pain, undue swelling or fever, all of which should subside several days after the operation.

Sensitivity disorders are also a possibility. This type of complication, however, is not too severe and naturally disappears after a few weeks. In all cases, it is advisable to visit the dentist for abnormal events, to receive adequate treatment. After the operation, the practitioner necessarily prescribes antibiotics, anti-inflammatories as well as analgesics to speed patient recovery. Some recommendations are also appropriate. It is particularly recommended to apply an ice bag to the area every 30 minutes for 10 minutes each time. It is also advisable to take rest during the weeks following the procedure. Contact Wisdom Teeth Removal Calgary for more details.

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