Explaining the Use of Composite Resins in Lawrence, KS

A composite, when used in dentistry, is a tooth-colored type of material that is used to restore teeth with minimal decay. This type of dental remedy is used for cosmetic purposes to reshape or alter the color of the teeth.

How Composites Are Applied

When composite resins in Lawrence, KS are applied, they are applied in layers. A light is used to harden and cure each layer. After this process is complete, the dentist shapes the material in order to fit the composite in the tooth. The composite is then polished to prevent wear and stains.

How Much Does a Composite Filling Cost?

While the prices can differ, composite resins, when used as fillings, cost about twice as much as silver. Most insurance policies pay for half of the price that is charged. Therefore, the patient will have to make up the difference in cost.

A Very Natural-looking Restoration

Aesthetically, composite resins are preferred because they allow the dentist to create a tooth color that is practically identical to the surrounding teeth. A composite also bonds to the tooth, thereby supporting the remaining structure. Not only does the bond insulate the tooth, but it also prevents damage from excesses in temperature.

A Few Drawbacks

After receiving a composite resin filling, a patient may experience tooth sensitivity. Also, the shade of the material can change color if a patient consumes stain-producing foods or drinks. To prevent this from happening, a dentist can include a plastic coating over the composite. While composites hold up well as fillings for small cavities, they tend to wear out quickly in large-sized cavities.

If you would like to fill some teeth or you want to cosmetically restore a tooth, you may want to ask about the use of composites. These natural-looking fillings and restorations make it possible for you to improve your smile at a low cost. Contact us for further information about this innovative dental material.

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