Enjoy A Great, Straight Smile Using Invisalign

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Dental

Many problems can affect the teeth, and alignment is simply one of them, but properly aligning the teeth can be a lot of work. No one wants to wear those ugly metal braces or deal with the dental appointments required for tightening and alignment control. Thankfully, there is an alternative known as Invisalign. This product is still an alignment system like regular braces, except the aligner is custom-made and must be replaced every couple of weeks. The purpose of quick replacements is that each new aligner is created to move the teeth a specific amount.

Perhaps the most important aspect of using Invisalign near Hinsdale is the appearance or lack in this case. This happens because the Invisalign aligners are a clear shell placed over the teeth. The braces aren’t actually hidden, but they can be difficult to see. This can be very useful with young adults that are appearance-oriented since braces are usually a point of ridicule and joking among their peers. What makes the product even better is that slowly pushing the teeth instead of forcing them to move can improve the end results.

The use of aligners is only the first step to a life of beautiful teeth. The next will be retainers. These are metal or plastic supports that prevent teeth from shifting position. Not every patient will require them because younger patients tend to have better results when shifting the position of teeth compared to adults who have had years for the teeth to anchor in place.

It should be mentioned that aligners aren’t the only way to fix crooked teeth. Options such as veneers are a great alternative when the issue isn’t very bad. This is because the veneer is designed to hide the problem while products like Invisalign are created to fix them. Veneers are thin shells placed over the front or visible portion of the teeth and hide issues such as stains, chips, misshapen teeth, and crooked teeth. The only real downside to using veneers is the chance it may pop out if the resin degrades. Contact Oakbrook Orthodontics and discover more dental options or the best treatment methods for the problem at hand.

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