Do You Need Simple Tooth Extraction or Surgery in Fishers, Indiana?

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Dentist

Tooth extraction is the standard dental procedure for removing a problematic tooth. But tooth extractions differ depending on the tooth being extracted and its location in the mouth. Most teeth with straight or cone-shaped roots are easy to remove. Examples include the upper front teeth. When removing such teeth, a dentist will carefully manipulate the tooth to detach it from the periodontal ligament fibers. Once the tooth separates from the ligament fibers, it becomes easy to remove it from the socket.

But tooth extraction will not be smooth with every tooth or situation. Before starting the tooth extraction process, the dentist will first examine the shape of the tooth and the roots. They will also examine the condition of the supporting jawbone. During the examination, the dentist may find issues that make simple tooth extraction problematic. In such a case, you may need oral surgery in Fishers, IN.

Why You May Need Oral Surgery in Indiana
Sometimes your teeth, especially the molars, may have multiple roots. This makes it hard to remove the affected tooth smoothly. You may have unhealthy and brittle roots due to an injury or root canal treatment, as well. Such teeth can fracture into smaller pieces during removal. You may also need oral surgery in Fishers, IN if you have impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that remain below the gum surface.

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