Details About Reconstructive Dentistry Service In Midwest City, OK

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Dental

In Oklahoma, reconstructive dental services are performed to restore the aesthetics and function of teeth. Once the repairs are performed, the patient can chew properly and communicate more effectively. A local dentist provides Reconstructive Dentistry Service in Midwest City OK for patients who have sustained tooth damage.

Using Crowns for Reconstruction

Crowns are used for reconstructive dental purposes and not just for aesthetics. The dentist acquires a mold of the patient’s tooth to create the crown. Next, the tooth is ground into a cone shape, and the tooth is sealed off. The crown is fitted over the tooth and secured with an abutment.

Permanent Bridges and Dental Implants

Permanent bridges and dental implants are used for reconstruction and restoration, too. The dentist uses the devices to replace missing teeth and correct function. The permanent bridges are used to replace sections of teeth at once. The dental implants are used to replace individual teeth. However, new dental implant products are available to replace multiple teeth at once.

Dental Bonding and Recreation

Dental bonding is used to correct severe tooth damage and recreate the tooth. The process involves an application of resin or porcelain on the affected tooth to recreate its shape. The dentist applies the resin in sections and uses an ultraviolet lamp to cure and strengthen it. An additional layer is applied until the tooth is recreated completely.

Corrective Services for the Jaw

Dentists perform corrective services for the jaw to restore function, too. An over or underbite could present issues for patients and prevent the jaw from resting in a natural position. Over time, the condition could lead to further issues and tooth damage. Bone grafts are applied to the jaw to make it stronger for dental implants as well.

In Oklahoma, reconstructive dental services are needed after a patient sustains tooth damage. The underlying cause of the tooth damage is also assessed to prevent further breakage or related issues. Among the types of restorative services are crowns, bridges, dental implants, and dental bonding services. Patients who need to learn more about Reconstructive Dentistry Service in Midwest City OK are encouraged to contact Sunnylane Family Dentistry right now. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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