Dental Restoration Options in Midwest City OK

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Dentist

Dental Restoration in Midwest City OK is something many people find they need. Restoring one or more teeth helps to eliminate embarrassing and noticeable issues with one’s smile. There is no reason people have to live with these problems any longer. Following are some options a dentist may offer to restore the teeth.


Fillings are the most common remedy for tooth decay. Food particles in the mouth convert into acids with the help of bacteria that live in the mouth. These acids erode the tooth enamel and inner layers of the tooth over time. If the decay isn’t removed, it might make its way to the pulp chamber and bring about an infection. If this occurs, a root canal or extraction could be needed. Fillings halt the decay, and dentists prefer composite resins because they are undetectable once inserted in the space left by the decay.


Often referred to as caps, crowns protect teeth that are severely damaged. The crown covers the tooth to help it function properly while restoring the smile. A dentist typically uses a crown following a root canal, or it may be part of a larger procedure, such as a dental implant or bridge. Most crowns are made using ceramic or porcelain, although other options are available.


When one or more teeth are missing, a bridge might be inserted. Crowns are placed on teeth adjacent to the one or ones that are missing and a pontic or artificial tooth is used to replace the one that is missing. People find this to be an affordable way to restore their smile when they have teeth missing.


However, many dentists now prefer implants over a bridge. The implant ensures there is no bone loss in the jaw, a problem when one or more teeth aren’t present. The implant is inserted in the jaw and looks and functions like a natural tooth.


The biggest complaint many have about their teeth is they are discolored or have darkened over the years. Teeth whitening resolves these issues and can significantly brighten the teeth. In fact, a person can transform their smile in only one visit when this option is selected.

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