Dental Cleaning in Smyrna is a Must to Avoid Tooth Decay

by | May 16, 2017 | Dentist

Cavities can develop for several weeks or months without causing pain. The first manifestations of tooth decay occur when said decay has already evolved and the tooth is deeply affected. There is an appearance of pains at the level of the decayed tooth. It is when the dentin (the pulp inside the tooth) is attacked as acute pain appears, which can cause severe toothaches. To ensure cavities and decay cannot progress, it is important to undergo routine Dental Cleaning in Smyrna.

Diagnostics and Treatment

An appointment with the dentist will help to diagnose tooth decay, and an x-ray can more accurately detect the signs of early decay. This medical examination must be carried out at the first symptoms of pain, thus facilitating the treatment of cavities. Treatment depends on what stage of advancement the decay is in. If it is spotted early enough, a Dental Cleaning in Smyrna is suggested followed by a filling, more often called an amalgam. On the other hand, if the decay is too deep and reaches the dental pulp, it will be necessary to carry out a devitalization of the tooth under local anesthesia, that is to say, the dentist will remove the pulp from the infected tooth and fill the open space with an amalgam. In the case of excessive abscess or infection, it may be necessary to extract the tooth.


The prevention of tooth decay requires first and foremost things like good oral hygiene and avoiding added sugars. Regular consultation with the dentist will help detect cavities and treat them at an early stage. Dentists suggest everyone brushes their teeth at least 2 times a day (morning and evening), preferably after every meal.

Brush the top teeth first and then the bottom teeth. Make a circular motion to brush the teeth, going from the gum to the tooth. Place the toothbrush diagonally so that the hairs are tilted towards the root of the teeth and pivot the brush to 45 degrees on the gum. Brush the teeth from top to bottom: Never brush horizontally. Place the brush on each of the teeth and brush slowly. Change toothbrushes regularly: Ascent Dental recommends people change their toothbrush approximately every 3 to 4 months.

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