Create a Beautiful Smile With the Help of Implants in Cranford, NJ

There are many things a dentist can do to make that smile beautiful. For instance, when the teeth are in great shape, the dentist can whiten them. However, not everyone has healthy teeth or those in need of very little work. Issues such as crooked teeth and misshapen teeth are often hidden using a simple process known dental veneers. Unfortunately, a missing tooth or the removal of damaged teeth is usually more difficult to deal with. Filling the gap caused by two or more missing teeth can be done with a dental appliance commonly known as a bridge, but the typical method of securing a bridge requires the anchoring teeth to be filed. The use of dental Implants in Cranford NJ can avoid this issue.

A missing tooth can cause a lot of problems including shifting of any remaining teeth. This is one reason that most dentists always try to restore damaged teeth. Even the shell of the tooth can be useful because it can hold a ceramic crown. Sadly, some teeth become so damaged that the best course of action is extraction. Luckily, Implants in Cranford NJ can avoid the side effects of extracting teeth by placing an artificial root in the jaw and covering it with a crown.

Keep in mind that dental implants are a surgical procedure and have some risks. The dentist will need to insert an inert material, such as titanium, in the jawbone and allow the wound to heal. One concern with implants is the strength of the existing bone. Thin jawbones or those that have lost bone tissue may require help, or the implant could damage them. The dentist can resolve this problem with bone grafts. Grafting bone tissue over the jaw makes them thick enough that the stress of biting and chewing is not a concern.

An excellent reason to consider using implants is anchoring prosthetic devices such as bridges and dentures. Loose dental appliances can make talking and eating difficult. Plus, people tend to be embarrassed when dentures slip and may not wear them regularly. Implants can help by providing a secure way of keeping the denture in place. Bridges usually require two implants to anchor them while a single denture will need a minimum of four. Learn more about dental implants from the experts at Westfield Oral Surgery.

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